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About To Serve With Love Nanny & Babysitting Services

To Serve With Love Babysitting and Nanny Service is your source for finding great nannies and
babysitters. Founded in 2021, To Serve With Love Babysitting and Nanny Service may be newly formed
but our staff have decades of experience in childcare. Expertise and success in the nanny industry are

Teresa Bazley Johnson, President & Founder

Teresa Bazley Johnson is appointed by God to teach the Word of God.  She knew in January 1982 that she’d received God’s call.  In June 1999, she received the Holy Ghost and said, “yes” to God’s Call on June 25, 1999.  Because she knew her Call was to do much more than preaching the Gospel, she received a special assignment with a far-reaching impact.

It wasn’t until Teresa became homeless with three small children that she truly sought to understand how and why God called to her to preach to others while she found her family in such dire straits.  Day and night, she studied the Word of God and by deepening her relationship with Him, she began to fully comprehend His plan for her life.


The assignment became more like a clear fire in her soul and in 2008, she understood what it means to be an evangelist – to feed the poor, house the homeless, care for seniors, clothe the naked and so much more.  Outreach in the community through teaching and empowerment of God’s people became her focus and true assignment.

In 2013, Teresa’s passion and understanding of God’s love for his people prompted the birth of TBJ Enterprises, LLC.  Teresa is an author and playwriter having written her first book, “Having Intimacy with the One I Love” and her first play, “Wilted Love”.  She is currently working on her second book.

Teresa has four daughters and five grandchildren.  She loves her family and loves to pray and worship God for all the great things He has done in her life.  She has been featured in Charlotte’s Who’s Who in Black Charlotte and an awardee for several community leadership awards.  She has an undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education.  She is currently in school working on her Master’s degree and dreams of one day earning a Ph. D.